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Our pricing options are simple. There is one structure for corporates/professionals, and another special discounted structure for patients.

1. Corporates/Professionals (Healthcare & Pharmaceutical)

For corporates/professionals the service costs €750/£675 a year per user.

Corporates/professionals can subscribe to Cancer Stat by contacting us directly:

- by email:

- by phone:

Vienna head office, Austria, European Union: +43 (0)1 71 71 8 900

You have the option of taking a 3 week free trial to Cancer Stat before subscribing.

2. Patients

Patients can subscribe to Cancer Stat at a special discounted rate by either of the following methods:

a. Making a single payment of £240 for a year's subscription via PayPal.

b. Paying £30 a month for an ongoing monthly subscription via PayPal.

Both options provide you with your own personal Cancer Stat account and can be found at:

You will have full access to all platform features and to the extensive email services. You can also request that drugs or treatments that are of special interest to you are added and tracked.

After signing up:

1. You will receive by email your login ID and password within 3 hours.

2. The email will include a weblink with a 10 minute video demo explaining how to most effectively use your Cancer Stat account.

3. You will be asked in the email if you have any specific information content requests.


1. Corporates/Professionals (Healthcare & Pharmaceutical)

Corporates/professionals will be invoiced.

2. Patients/Family

Patients/family can make secure payments using credit or debit cards via PayPal at: