Cancer News, Research & Analysis

Time-sensitive and reliable coverage of pharmaceutical industry
developments, clinical trials, treatments and cures worldwide

Our Thinking

Until Cancer Stat, there has not been a sophisticated and reliable global cancer news and research service designed specifically to keep corporates, healthcare professionals, and patients informed.

And yet this was required, as became obvious to members of our team who had had family, friends and colleagues affected by cancer.

Cancer Stat was developed to provide a solution to this problem.

These days cancer research is progressing so quickly worldwide that until now it has been impossible to keep up to speed with global developments on an hourly basis.

Our service has been designed so that corporates, professionals and patients can have quick, easy, unlimited, and affordable access to the highest level of news and research about cancer cures and treatments worldwide.

With Cancer Stat, professionals and patients can keep themselves fully informed, and by doing so, ensure that they have enough knowledge to make important decisions.