The A-Z of Cancer News & Research

The global benchmark for reliable cancer news and research
covering clinical trials, drugs, treatments and cures worldwide

Cancer Stat - what is it?

Cancer Stat is the global benchmark for reliable cancer news and research.

Its extensive online platform and email services cover everything from the results of the most recent clinical trials, to the real-time approval of new cancer drugs and treatments worldwide.

Our service provides pharmaceutical professionals, healthcare professionals, and cancer patients with personalised and indepth 24/7 treatment news, and extensive updates on various types of cancer.

Professionals are able to follow news and analysis on the daily activities of over 5,000 pharmaceutical and healthcare companies worldwide.

Patients are able to follow news and research on the treatments that they are receiving, and on the alternatives, from reliable and reputable sources.

Whether you are a professional or a patient, you have your own login account, enabling you to view and to receive exactly what you need.

What is our aim?

Cancer Stat is designed to provide invaluable information and research results to professionals and patients worldwide.

Our aim is to provide professionals and patients with a corporate level of cancer news and intelligence - the type of service that until now has only been made available to the highest level professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our goal is to ensure that professionals and patients are alerted to new cancer drugs, clinical trials, treatment options and medical breakthroughs that have been made worldwide - as they happen.

What does it cost?

Our pricing options are simple. There is one structure for professionals, and another special discounted structure for patients.

1. Professionals (Healthcare & Pharmaceutical)

For professionals the service costs €670/£600 a year per user.

Professionals can subscribe to Cancer Stat by contacting us directly:

- by email:

- by phone: +43 (0)1 71 71 8 900 or +44 (0)20 7769 6707

Professionals have the option of taking a 2 week free trial to Cancer Stat before subscribing.

2. Patients

Patients can subscribe to Cancer Stat at a special discounted rate by either of the following methods:

a. Making a single payment of £100 for a year's subscription via PayPal.

b. Paying £15 a month for an ongoing monthly subscription via PayPal.

Both options provide you with your own personal Cancer Stat account and can be found at:

You will have full access to all platform features and to the extensive email services. You can also request that drugs or treatments that are of special interest to you are added and tracked.

How are we unique?

The technology that we have developed behind our service ensures that Cancer Stat is quick and user-friendly. Whether you are a professional or a patient, it provides you with the exact customised information you require on a minute by minute basis.

Our service provides detailed statistical analysis enabling you to discover which drugs and treatments are being provided to combat specific types of cancer.

Detailed news, information and intelligence are provided on the pharmaceutical companies developing and producing cancer drugs.

Cancer Stat tracks cancer news and research worldwide. It is not limited to one continent or to one language.

You are able to request that drugs and treatments of specific interest to you personally are added and tracked by our service.

Cancer Stat - why should healthcare/pharma take note?

Until now, there had not been a service in existence that provided top-notch, comprehensive and ground-breaking global cancer news for cancer patients.

Neither had there been a global service that provided automated updates on the most recent clinical trials, treatments and cures that were of specific and personal interest to cancer patients.

We believed that there should be and this was the reason we developed our Cancer Stat intelligence platform.

Cancer Stat empowers patients, enabling them to take a more active role when making important decisions about their treatment.

What is our Mission?

To do our best to help save lives worldwide.