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Time-sensitive and reliable coverage of pharmaceutical industry
developments, clinical trials, treatments and cures worldwide

About Templeton Apus

Templeton Apus GmbH is part of Krixos GmbH, a holding company for what will become a growing collection of companies. Krixos specialises in creating innovative news, intelligence and investment services for customers worldwide.

Templeton Apus is a news, intelligence and research agency that covers all areas of global business, finance and politics. We have developed a specialist news and research technology that is behind the intelligence platforms that we have built.

Our intelligence platforms help businesses worldwide meet exacting and serious information demands whilst also countering disinformation. We provide online access to innovative, critical, up to the minute and reliable global news, intelligence and analysis, and have built our platforms to be future proof – as demands grow, so will our services.

The first service that we developed was the Templeton Apus intelligence platform. It provides an essential news and information advantage to customers in markets across 47 sectors and industries. These are as wide ranging as Energy to Mining, Healthcare to Media & ICT, Agribusiness to Banking, and Aerospace to Chemicals. It also provides up to the minute reporting on global hot spots such as Ukraine, Israel, Niger, Armenia and Taiwan.

Since then, we have developed our TA TA RawMaterials intelligence platform, with support from EIT RawMaterials and co-funding from the European Union. TA RawMaterials covers the Mining and Metals sector. It also reports all news and intelligence covering 30 associated sectors, including Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles, Battery Storage, Climate and the Environment. We plan to spin out TA RawMaterials as a stand alone Krixos company.

We have also developed our Cancer Stat intelligence platform. It provides the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector with indepth 24/7 pharmaceutical news, and extensive updates on all types of Cancer treatments worldwide.

Our customers are corporates, multinationals, banks, VCs, governmental departments, embassies and consultancies worldwide. We provide them with unlimited access to the information they want, when they need it. Our customers are also able to request the addition of extra service features and content.

From our head office in Vienna, and our office in London, our time-sensitive news and intelligence coverage across all sectors includes Europe, Russia, North & South America, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

Our services have been optimised for speed, quality and content. They will continue to revolutionise the industry by providing superior news and intelligence that is reliable, independent and interactive.

About Cancer Stat

Cancer Stat is the global benchmark for reliable and time-sensitive cancer news, research and analysis.

Its user-friendly online platform and its extensive email services cover everything from upcoming clinical trials, to the real-time approval of new cancer drugs and treatments worldwide.

Our service provides corporates, healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals, consultants, and cancer patients with personalised and indepth 24/7 treatment news, and extensive updates on all types of cancer.

Corporates are able to follow news and analysis on the daily activities of 6,952 pharmaceutical and healthcare companies worldwide. Patients are able to follow news and research on the treatments that they are receiving, and on the alternatives, from reliable and reputable sources.

Whether you are a professional or a patient, you have your own login account enabling you to access the whole service, and to view and to receive exactly what you want when you need it.

Cancer Stat - what does it cover?

  • Cutting-edge cancer news, intelligence, research and analysis
  • Extensive coverage of thousands of cancer drugs and treatments worldwide
  • Detailed coverage of upcoming and existing Clinical Trials worldwide
  • Details, updates and analysis of new drugs and treatments
  • Comprehensive coverage of the activities of thousands of pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and charities worldwide
  • Coverage of cancer 'Hot Topics'
  • Real-time news, intelligence, research and analysis covering every aspect of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry worldwide
  • Indepth and reliable information on more than 100 other illnesses, conditions and health concerns. These include Covid-19, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, IVF, Parkinson's, Obesity and Heart Disease

Cancer Stat - what does it offer?

  • 24/7 coverage and tracking throughout the service
  • 24/7 on-line and unlimited website access
  • 24/7 unlimited email alerting and email subscriptions facility
  • Multiperspective - tens of thousands of national, international and regional sources giving every angle and every viewpoint
  • Advanced 'Search & Save' tools
  • User friendly - intuitive navigation, personalised language and timezone settings
  • Languages - English, German, Russian, French
  • Automated translation
  • Unique taxonomy
  • 'Advanced Settings' - advanced settings for personlised online viewing and emailed reports
  • 'Forwarding of Articles' - to email recommended content to family members and colleagues
  • Hot News Makers
  • Statistical analysis

Cancer Stat - what are its unique features?

  • Detailed statistical analysis on drugs and treatments for each type of cancer
  • Detailed news, information and intelligence are provided on the activities of the pharmaceutical companies developing and producing cancer drugs
  • New sources continually added
  • Client drug and treatment content requests added within a 12 hour response time
  • Client service enquiries responded to within 12 hours
  • Artificial Intelligence

What is our Mission?

To do our best to help save lives worldwide.